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I thought it might be inspiring to show you my studio - I consider it my own little piece of heaven.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Of course, Solomon my Gammill takes center stage in this room. But it is so handy to have my beautiful Bernina sewing machine here to sew backing seams when needed, or if a customer has a popped seam, I can tidy that right up. I got a huge deal on the area that houses my batting - sadly, the Hancock Fabrics went out of business near me but their loss was my gain - it use to hold home dec fabric. Now it holds my batting - even up to a king size - perfectly! My upper cabinets also display laces and other millinery items. I could live in this room, if only I could fit a couch in here somewhere!

Since I have such a love of old machines and antiques, I, well, HAD TO HAVE my antiques surrounding me. I love civil war fabric, so what you see is a huge stash of Jo Morton, Paula Barnes, Judie Rothermel, Nancy Gere and the like. I use barrister books cases to house my fabric - and my collection of books! I find books are just as much eye candy as fabrics, because they remind me there are "so many quilts, so little time", haha. The pie safe holds lots of laces and ribbons and tools (I love tools). I love old Singer emphera, so you see that scattered about. Longaberger baskets are handy for a variety of reasons!

I converted some kitchen cabinets into ironing and cutting stations. I just used some 3M to hang my rulers on the backs of the cabinets (nifty and handy) - so I can undo and move them again if I need to. If you notice, I have tons of threads on one side of the case!

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