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I am just beginning to put up pictures of all the sewing collectibles I have, so come back and check it out and I bet there will be something new! Click on image to enlarge.

Wow, I found an Elna Stella TSP air electronic - isn't she so sweet looking? She has 8 stitches - the ZZ, SP have only 4 so the TSP is coveted! She sews like a champ and I believe she was very much loved and her owner took wonderful care of her. I know I am in love with her!

One of my most prize possessions is a beige featherweight I found at a yard sale - it has the original beige belt, and that is hard to come by. Works like a dream!

I know you would not believe how many featherweights I have (15), but I also have Featherweight tables. Don't they look so cute together? The Featherweight is reliable and sturdy, and as long as you oil it, it will treat you to beautiful little stitches for piecing.

I have a lot of machines! But one of the things I like are my Child machines - I have a special Centennial (made in 1951 to celebrate the 100th birthday of singer) Sew Handy Singer in Black, some German models, and one of my favorites is called "Gurley" - my nickname for my daughter is Girlie Girl, so I had to have it!

This pretty little thing has it's own carrying case, if you check out my studio you may get a better glimpse of it.

Another prized possession is a Red Singer Sew Handy I was so lucky to find. These are really rare...I am listing in my vintage store for sale, however. I can't keep everything.

Well this is an old Sew Handy Singer and I purchased it from, not kidding, the original owner! She loved it and knew it was going to a good home.

We were in Florida and we found this electric chain stitch Singer 24 at a steal! Yes, it works, and I have attachments for it as well.

I only have two treadles, because they do take up a lot of room. This is just an unusual looking treadle, made by Wilcox and Gibbs. I was lucky to also get all the attachments that go with it.

We had just moved and my husband was overwhelmed with putting stuff away in his garage. One day I had off work and I just went in there and put it away and organized it. He was so grateful, I got this pretty New Home treadle as a gift! I will eventually get the lid off so you can get a picture of how beautiful it is.

I have found treadles over the years and this seemed appropriate to keep my needles and shuttles in. Plus it looks so fabulous in my sewing studio!

It took me YEARS and YEARS to find this Elna Lotus SP at the right price - peppy little machine that is actually lighter than the Featherweight and great to take to classes. It sews basic stitches, there are quarter inch feet to fit it so you can piece your quilt in fine fashion.

If you look on the top of the barrister bookcase, you will see boxes and boxes of Singer tools, oil cans and other sewing collectibles. I like how the Singer boxes all work together, even when they are from different eras.

This is just a close up sample of the emphera I love - cute little original tools from the 1940s through the 1960s. I prefer Singer boxes, I just think they did a high quality job during that era.

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