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Hi, I am Nancine Pike and I may be the person on the left on that picture above, or maybe it is the right?!

I have been a quilter since I was 22 years old! I love mixing colors, and coming up with fabulous designs to showcase quilts. I absolutely love the actual *quilting* part of an overall quilt. I enjoy figuring out what sort of machine quilting goes best with a particular quilt. I loved my Bernina 1260 - but it didn't provide enough creativity when it came to the actual quilting. For years I wanted to purchase a Gammill to allow more creativity to flow.

As of 2009, I am now happily retired to a life of quilting, and quilting quilts. My goal is to help you also expand the creativity of your beautiful quilt. You spent many hours picking just the right colors, piecing it just right, why not also do that with the quilting?

I live in a smoke and pet free environment. I proudly own a Gammill Optimum Plus and Statler Stitcher. It is the best way to make sure your quilt comes out looking as beautiful as you imagined! Get a round about estimate of what it would cost to quilt your quilt by clicking here, and feel free to contact me if you would like your quilt quilted. Please feel free to peruse the Photo Gallery - maybe your quilt can be there one day! I also give you some hints on how to prepare your quilt for quilting. And do not forget to check out my Studio!

I live in Round Hill, Virginia and have a dedicated work space just for your quilt!

The cute little pictures you will see throughout my site are that of my twin sister and me! Adorable, weren't we?! I love all things vintage so you will soon see a little shop of my vintage items. Oh and I do have some of my little sewing collectibles in the Collections area as well!

The biggest contributor to everything I do is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I honor Him above all. With that said, you know a LOT about me.

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